Shitty First Drafts

My first drafts are complete crap, and that’s okay. It’s why there’s second and third drafts, to clean up the mess and tidy up the place. Whenever starting a new story, I always think it’s going to be great but the first draft is terrible. Rarely, will I write from beginning to end, in one swift motion. I’ll write scenes that need to be in the story but they end up all over and not in sync. The ideas are there but the flow isn’t. This is what my first drafts are.

Every writer is different and has their own way of doing things. I’m a Gemini and usually have a million ideas going on at once. What works for me is just getting the main idea down, even if it’s just some dialogue, I’ll toss it in there. It can always be rearranged later when I edit.

I’m sure no one writes a perfect first draft and I never will. I’ve learned writing faster digs deeper into meaning of the story. From doing this, I’ll think of new scenes that I originally didn’t think of. It even helps bring out some personality traits of your characters, they can end up writing the story for you.

Thought I’d talk about this since I’ve finished a few drafts. They’re awful and sometimes makes me cringe but it’s salvageable. I need to get back into editing even though it’s not the fun part.

How long does your first draft take? Any tips you’d like to share feel free to post.




The Break is Over

I think most of us get in ruts which includes the daily grind of life. This includes getting your ass out of bed everyday, going to work, coming home with enough energy to eat cereal for dinner, then maybe watching some TV before hitting the sack. Where is there time to do what you enjoy? Where is there time to do your passion? For many of us there isn’t.

For years my passion was writing, even though I suck. Writing is a craft and there is always room for improvement, which is why I need to keep at it. I enjoy writing stories for enjoyment and it gets my mind off of everyday things. It’s almost like therapy.

So why did I stop?

Well, life happens; relationships break, work sucks, time restraints, health problems you name it. I took a long break from writing but that break needs to be over. I want to get back into the groove of getting my thoughts on paper.

My goal for this week is 30 minutes a day of writing. I know that is manageable and can be done with giving up my video game habit. Anyone play Dead by Daylight?

Okay, enough chit chat for now.