Writing is Simple

Writing a book is simple right? You type words on the screen, edit a few times, send off to an agent, they love it, and you enjoy royalties while drinking pina coladas under the sun right? Wrong!

I think this is the biggest misconception of writing. True, there are a few writers who get published right away but for most I don’t think this is the case. It comes with a lot of time commitment, sacrifices, doubts, fears and other obstacles to get through before even querying, at least this is my experience so far. A friend asked why I haven’t submitted my work yet, thinking once the story is written it’s complete.

               Each time I edit or read through a manuscript I find mistakes or things to change. Just recently, I realized it needed a few more chapters to it to make it complete. Even if I can’t get it published and decide to self pub, I want it to be something I’m proud of. Something I can look at and say, “Yes, I did all I could to make this the best.” Then I will drink a glass of champagne and celebrate.

I’ve made the mistake of querying too soon and of course got rejected. I’m taking a few steps back and reevaluating my project. If I don’t feel it’s good enough yet then why am I sending it to begin with?  Books and publishing aren’t going anywhere. As long as I chip away at it each day, then one day it will be something great, at least I hope so.

If anyone has thoughts on querying please feel free to post any comments or experiences with your writing projects.


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