Scary Stories Oh My!


Is it Halloween yet? We’re getting close. Fall season is always my favorite time, especially in the Pacific Northwest. If you’ve never seen it during fall, you’re missing out.

I’ve found short stories are a fun way to be creative and pack a punch. There’s less space to work with, so each word counts. You can get right to the meaty part.

Since we are getting close to Halloween, I’m trying to dabble into some horror/thriller topics. I have a few in the works but they need more tweaking. I may decide to post a couple on here for fun.

Something about being scared is intriguing and keeps me interested. Hair standing at the back of my neck or “jump” scares are the best.  Sometimes, the scariest feeling is the one thing you can’t see, it makes your imagination go wild. All the thoughts you try not to think about, you do.

Anyone else excited for the Halloween season? Any horror book recommendations please send my way. Also, what scares you?



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