Other Projects

I wrote a novel! That’s great, now I need to work on another one. Successful writers are always coming up with new ideas and continue to write. I have to keep this in mind when it comes to writing.

I finished editing one of my novels and I’m ready for something new. It’s easy to get wrapped up on one story, and not work on other projects. There are so many ideas I have and I keep them written down for later.

My new book is a thriller with some mystery. It’s an idea that’s been floating around for quite some time, and I feel like it’s the right time to write it. The creative process is so much fun and I love making new characters. This new story has gotten me into the creative flow and I try to keep the ideas coming.

My goal for the next two months is to complete a rough draft. I estimate about 1000-2000 words a day, so I think it’s doable.





3 thoughts on “Other Projects

  1. Me too! I’ve just finished writing a YA fantasy romance, and it felt so great to have finished it! I’m also at the ‘now what’ stage and will hopefully start on a new book soon…

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