What’s the Obsession with Zombies?

Zombies are everywhere, on television I mean. If the zombie apocalypse happens, I’m getting the heck out and bringing my guns and ammo with.

I can say I’ve been into the zombie madness since I was a kid. I remember watching George A. Romero’s movies thinking zombies were so scary. The thought of people being eaten alive makes me cringe and freaks me out. I still have zombie nightmares but that could be attributed to I watch a lot of horror movies.


The first Resident Evil game (back when it was good) took many hours of my youth. I remember we’d play that game waiting to be scared shitless. Back when I was a teenager and could drink Mountain Dew and eat pizza by the boxes. Boy, do I miss those days.

I’m a fan of The Walking Dead, who isn’tThe show has its ups and downs, but overall I enjoy it. Team Daryl! I also love Abraham, Glenn and Michonne.

I have a zombie/horror novellas series I’ve been working on for a few years. It takes place in Washington and the main character drives a muscle car. When I feel the urge to work on something different it’s a good time.


It’s almost October which means horror madness and more zombies! I plan on doing a few rounds of zombie laser tag and a haunted house or two.

Is anyone sick of the zombie trend yet? What are your thoughts?



4 thoughts on “What’s the Obsession with Zombies?

  1. I have to admit, my first book (which will forever remain locked and hidden from the light of day) was a zombie novel. That being said, I think that almost all the zombie stories I’ve read are pretty much the same. I still enjoy a well written story, regardless of its trappings, and would give a zombie novel a try as long as I heard enough good things about it.

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  2. I tend to agree that all forms of entertainment with zombies seem to be the same now. Some are better than others, like Walking Dead (both comic and show haha) and Dawn of the Dead. I also have to admit I have decided to only watch TWD so izombie and Fear the Walking Dead are not on my must watch list. hehe

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    • I haven’t watched Fear the Walking Dead because I was really disappointed with the first season. iZombie is pretty entertaining if you have nothing to do but watch Netflix. Thanks for leaving a comment!


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