What Scares You?

Happy Halloween! I want to know, what scares you? We all have different interpretations of what is scary. I’m terrified of spiders, I jump and scream, then run to my boyfriend to get rid of it. He makes fun of me for this, however he’s terrified of snakes. Just watching one on TV gives him the creeps.


I’ve listed a few things that can be determined scary. Let me know in the comments! Your feedback will also help me with an upcoming project. This is just a handful of ideas, feel free to add anything else. Everyone have a safe Halloween!

  1. The dark
  2. Spiders
  3. Snakes
  4. Monsters
  5. “Jump” scares from horror movies
  6. Something in your closet
  7. Zombies
  8. A creepy basement/attic
  9. Ghosts
  10. Swimming in open water
  11. Being lost in the woods at night
  12. Someone knocking on your door
  13. Airplanes
  14. A serial killer villan- Freddie, Jason, Chucky, Michael Myers
  15. A certain place or house you’ve visted? Tell me below

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Monthly Favorites – October

This is something new, thought I’d list some of my favorite items from the past month. Some of these are related to being a writer, some are not. Let me know what your favorites are!

WineThorny Rose Wine– I love this wine. Mostly because it has a twist top, and it’s inexpensive. The bottle is pretty to look at. That’s how I rate wine. 🙂


TV ShowAsh Vs. Evil Dead. This show get’s crazier each episode. Ash is full of one liners and humor to entertain me for a half hour. Not to mention the special effects makeup is amazing. I always get a good laugh. I did write an entire blog post about why I love Bruce Campbell.



BookBerkley Street by Ron Ripley. I mentioned this already but this was a fun read and scary. It was fast paced and kept me intrigued.


Makeup itemUrban Decay Naked Smokey– For the few times a week I wear makeup, I like to make it decent. I find this palette versatile and fun.


Home item– Glade vanilla candle- It’s in women’s DNA to love candles, but I’m not going to spend 20 plus on them. Target has these for 3 bucks a pop, and they make your house smell like a piece of heaven, without hurting your wallet.



#Throwback Thursday- My Experience in Iceland

All I’ve ever wanted to do is travel the world. I’ve been to a few places, many trips were by myself. I don’t like waiting and I’ve learned from past mistakes, to never wait for somebody else. This may seem harsh, but it’s your life. Do what makes you happy and don’t wait.

Six years ago, I took matters in my own hands and booked a trip to Iceland. Why Iceland? It’s one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. Years before this, I read a National Geographic magazine and was obsessed. I’m a nature nut and told myself to make it happen. So when Seattle began offering directs flight to Reykjavik, I knew it was time. It was simple, get on that plane and go.

In June of 2010 I set off and landed on my 24th birthday. I spent it alone, but I was in a place I’d never been. There’s so many memories I have. Here are a few.

  • Experience the beauty Iceland has to offer like the Gullfoss Waterfall
  • Drinking Icelandic Beer
  • Taking a shot out of a viking horn
  • Caving
  • Whale watching
  • Partying in the bar past 3 AM, only to get lost on my way to the hotel (I found it)
  • Puffin Island- no outside visitors allowed
  • I’m missing some others, but the country is gorgeous.

I’m happy I did it when I had the chance because there may never be another one. Besides, there are too many other places I need to conquer!

Tell me your travel experience or where you’d like to visit.



This still cracks me up


Gullfoss Waterfall with a rainbow


That time I went caving. I didn’t get to keep the outfit.




Dirt (100 Word Story)

Marty sticks the shovel in the ground and soft dirt rises to the surface. Little worms squirm out, desperate to find another hole to hide into. His t-shirt is dripping with sweat. He picked the hottest part of the day to work.

He’d just moved in with his new wife. It was her house, and he wanted to fix the garden. Since the death of her latest husband 10 years ago, the garden died. It was littered with dead flowers and leaves.

He hadn’t told her he would fix the garden. She said it was too much work. “The weeds are so tall you’ll get lost in there.” She said. So Marty waited till she left for work to tackle it.

The shovel digs deeper and it strikes something hard. It’s not a rock or a box. Marty gets on his hands and knees to inspect. The dirt moves away, revealing the culprit.

Out of all the things Marty could find, he wasn’t expecting to discover a human skull in his wife’s garden.



Books I’m Reading #3

Another post about books I’m reading! Again, I only show books that I enjoyed and recommend.It ranges from mystery, horror and romance. I usually swap back and forth.

The Witches Grave, by Phillip DePoy caught my eye, another blogger reviewed and recommended it. I’ve never read anything from the author. I’m about half way through this, and it’s getting interesting.

Dark Master is a short story about aliens, I follow the author, Hunter Shea. I haven’t ready many alien stories, so this was an interesting and fun read.

The Lie, by Karina Halle, one of my favorite authors. I’m still catching up on all of her books.

Burn, by Maya Banks. I’d read the other two, so had to finish the last one of the trilogy.

Berkley Street, by Ron Ripley was a very fun read. Scary and fast paced, I will be checking out more of his work.

If you want to find these books in one place, they are added in on my Amazon. link.http://amzn.to/2ecxPtF

Let me know what books you’re reading! Thanks again for stopping by.




We all have bad weeks. No matter how much you try to have a happy attitude, someone has to rain on your parade. Everything can be going swimmingly until a tidal wave crashes into you.

Work, writing, editing, query letters, time management, there’s never enough time to finish everything. It can drive anyone crazy and make you overwhelmed.  I sometimes try doing too many things at once, and as a result end up getting nowhere. It’s hard to concentrate on one thing.

This past week was tough for me, my stress levels were through the roof, and my mind wasn’t in certain projects. My job can really get the best of me, even on days off. It’s hard not to let your mind wander, thinking about going into work Monday and the stress it brings.

No one can write a novel in a day, I sure as hell can’t. I attempt to hit a quota but sometimes life takes over, and it’s impossible. As much as I enjoy writing, sometimes I need a break. There are other hobbies I enjoy that don’t involve writing. I tend to lose touch with those when throwing myself into work. Sometimes, I want to enjoy a Netflix marathon.

My goal is to make this week better than the last. I need to keep myself healthy by getting enough sleep, exercising and eating right. Hopefully this will help keep my sanity.

What do you do when you’re overwhelmed?



Mirror (100 Word Story)

I smack the blaring alarm and stumble out of bed. It’s time for the dreaded workday. Some days, I’d rather eat a bowl of nails then do the 9 to 5.

The room is dark as I shuffle to the bathroom, careful not to jam my toe on the corner like I normally do. It always hurts like a bitch.

The flicker of the bathroom light is blinding. After rubbing my eyes until they’re raw, I take a look in the mirror. My hands fall to my mouth. The person staring back, is someone else entirely.