Scary Movies

Do you like scary movies? I sure do, always have since I was a kid and my mom didn’t catch me watching  them. My older brother would rent them and I’d sneak in the living room to watch. I like all genres of movies  but love horror in general. I’ll pretty much watch any scary movie even if it’s cheesy.

Everyone has different tastes in this genre and that’s okay. Horror depends on the person experiencing it. What is scary to someone may not be scary to you. Clowns are terrifying to some but they’ve never bothered me.

I’ve always been a huge fan of horror and since it’s October I’m going to share some of my favorite scary movies. Some of these are old classics and some are new favorites.

Here are some of mine

  • The Conjuring- Ed and Lorraine Warren
  • Child’s Play- This movie scared the crap out of me as a kid. Dolls will forever be creepy.
  • Evil Dead/Army of Darkness- Bruce Campbell!
  • The Thing (1982)- Pretty good gore and Kurt Russell
  • Dawn of the Dead- I think the remake is the best one so far
  • Annabelle- Creepy dolls again
  • Paranormal Activity- It’s what you can’t see that’s terrifying
  • Friday the 13th- I watched way too many in my teens
  • Nightmare on Elm Street- My brother used to scare me with the bladed hand.
  • Ghost Encounters- This is a B movie, but I thought it was scary for a low budget.

After I post this, I’ll think of several more but these are ones that stand out.

What are you favorite scary movies? Let me know!


7 thoughts on “Scary Movies

  1. 1. A Tale of Two Sisters
    2. Inside (French film)
    3. Rec & Rec 2
    4. The Thing (Carpenter)
    5. Alien
    6. Eden Lake
    7, The Exorcist (the film, of course, but the show thus far on Fox is surprisingly excellent)
    8. House of the Devil
    9. The Invitation
    10. The Ring (I am in the minority in that I liked the remake more than Ringu)

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    • I need to see some of those, I forgot about The Ring. That movie was pretty scary. The Thing is another great one. Thanks for commenting

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