My Writing Life

Typical day in my writing life:

  1. Wake up, drink coffee
  2. Write some crap
  3. Go to my day job
  4. Hurry home and write more crap
  5. Sleep and dream of writing crap

I wish life were different and I could stay home and write all day. I’m working on getting there. A little work each day, puts me in the right direction. It’s often frustrating to see others succeed when we wish for an ounce of success. Nothing is absolute being a writer, I think one has to enjoy the lifestyle. It can be independent and lonely at times, guess it’s a good thing I’m an introvert.

As a writer, most work is done alone with your butt in a chair, plugging away on the keyboard. It can be vexing working on a story with ideas going, then the next having no idea what to write. This happens all too often.

Just because you haven’t made a dime doesn’t mean you’re not a writer. I keep telling myself this when I get overwhelmed and get rejection letters. It happens, deal with it and write on.






6 thoughts on “My Writing Life

  1. Rejections hurt…I wish I had your kind of routine…I wish I could get up and write some before my day job…but I wake up n run straight to work n then spend rest of my day thinking about writing.. if I’m lucky I come home n write or else I fall on bed n die of exhaustion …then I wake up again n run to work

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    • It took me a long time to get up early and write before work, had to become a morning person I guess. Thanks for commenting!

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  2. Hi Joanna, I admire your persistence. Thanks for the Like for my article ‘When A Book Deal Is Not A Big Deal’. There is wisdom in your priceless words “Just because you haven’t made a dime doesn’t mean you’re not a writer.” That is so very true.

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