In sickness and in bed

Flat Whites and Notepads

100 Days of Writing – Day 26

*Cough, cough* I’m ok! *sniff* No, I’m fine, really!  *Aaaeugcchh!* Listen folks, ain’t nothin gettin in the way of me and my goal, yeah? I may be laid up in bed, surrounded by soggy tissues and half drunk cups of tepid Lemsips (other brands are available, fill your boots, they all taste like shite) but the show must go on. 

It’s good to have a change of scenery.  I (almost) never write in bed and had forgotten how lovely it can be – all wrapped up and cosy in duvetland, soft bedside lighting, one of the dogs keeping me company, with the rain pelting down at the window. If it wasn’t for the pounding headache, razor blades in my throat and the occasional need to throw off the covers in a panic as the sweats kick in it’d be pretty idyllic.

It’s a case of…

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