Do Monsters Exist?

Bigfoot, Giant Squid, Lochness monster, Jersey Devil. Is there any truth to this stories? Damn I hope so. I have to post his topic now, since it’s October. I also have a slight obsession with things that aren’t supposed to exist.

Washington has a lot of Bigfoot sightings, which happens to be the state I reside in. I’m well aware one is more likely to come across a cougar than a Bigfoot. But how cool would it be? Considering you don’t get eaten or mauled.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any stories of ever seeing anything remotely like this. Wish I did!

Since I can remember I’ve been into the supernatural and wondering what’s really out there. I like to keep an open mind. Just because no one has “real” proof, doesn’t mean it’s not real. Maybe I’m too hopeful.

What do you think? Do you wish something to be real that hasn’t been proven?


Bigfoot meme found on Pinterest.



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