Bad Query Letters

The other day I found old query letters I’d sent out years ago, they were atrocious. I could crap alphabet soup and make a better one now. For a few of them I didn’t even format it for a proper letter. Yikes!

I see why they never got anywhere, and that I queried too soon. Writing is a craft that I need to improve on. Compared to a few years ago, I do feel my work is better now. Each day I plug along and hope to advance.

It seems like there is so much information on query letters and some of it is conflicting. Some experts say you should do that, then others say not to do that. Well, what is right anyway? What makes a good query letter? I have no idea, but I’ll keep progressing.

If anyone has advice for query letters please comment! Thanks for stopping by.




One thought on “Bad Query Letters

  1. It depends to whom you query is addressed. Potential employers regarding vacancies, literary agents or publishers. If the latter two, consult The Writer’s and Artists’s Yearbook.Indeed, one should always develop one’s craft.

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