Storms and Whiskey Part 2

This is a continuation from yesterdays post, and I happen to like the title, Storms and Whiskey. I got quite a bit done yesterday, so thought to share my progress.

  • Wrote a new short story- Horror, of course
  • Finished Season 2 of The Ranch, on Netflix. Speaking of whiskey, wouldn’t mind drinking with Sam Elliott. That guy cracks me up.
  • Hit the quota for my romance novel. It takes place in New Orleans
  • Started a new novel. It’s just braking the surface, putting together ideas right now
  • Reading a few books
  • Finally, I drank a few glasses of whiskey

It’s my day off, so I’m enjoying the rainy weather, being a hermit and getting some writing done. Hope everyone else is having a good week. It’s Friday!

How is everyone else’s writing going?



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