Mistakes I’ve Made (As a Writer)

Mistakes! We’ve all made them, big and small. I thought it’d be interesting to list mistakes I’ve made as a writer. Here are a few.

Querying too soon

I mentioned this in a previous post about bad query letters. I should have waited till my craft improved.

Not reading enough

I used to tell myself there isn’t enough time to read. Even 20 minutes a day, is something. It will improve your craft and vocabulary.

Not accepting criticism because of fear

This is new for me, recently I’ve been letting a few friends read my short stories, a few are posted on my blog. I was so afraid of them telling me how bad it would be. I’ve learned that even if they think it stinks, it’ll help me improve one way or another.

Expecting results too soon

I can’t write a novel in a day. Same goes with getting an agent, or even self publishing a book. It takes time and patience. Besides, if you’re doing something you love, it won’t matter.

(Almost) Giving up on writing, because I told myself I’d never be good enough

This is the biggest mistake! There was a dry spell where I didn’t write anything. I told myself it was a lost cause, and I’d never improve. This is not the case! It takes hard work and dedication, but I have seen improvement. Also, I’ve come to realize there will always be learning.



6 thoughts on “Mistakes I’ve Made (As a Writer)

    • It’s always a learning process and we can always improve no matter what we think. I’m glad this inspired you, means a lot!

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