Mirror (100 Word Story)

I smack the blaring alarm and stumble out of bed. It’s time for the dreaded workday. Some days, I’d rather eat a bowl of nails then do the 9 to 5.

The room is dark as I shuffle to the bathroom, careful not to jam my toe on the corner like I normally do. It always hurts like a bitch.

The flicker of the bathroom light is blinding. After rubbing my eyes until they’re raw, I take a look in the mirror. My hands fall to my mouth. The person staring back, is someone else entirely.



7 thoughts on “Mirror (100 Word Story)

  1. Lovely writing! I hate working a 9-5 job, so that’s why I don’t do it. When I read this, I thought of someone who had hopes and dreams, but after living the boring life of a 9-5, they forgot who they were.

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