Dirt (100 Word Story)

Marty sticks the shovel in the ground and soft dirt rises to the surface. Little worms squirm out, desperate to find another hole to hide into. His t-shirt is dripping with sweat. He picked the hottest part of the day to work.

He’d just moved in with his new wife. It was her house, and he wanted to fix the garden. Since the death of her latest husband 10 years ago, the garden died. It was littered with dead flowers and leaves.

He hadn’t told her he would fix the garden. She said it was too much work. “The weeds are so tall you’ll get lost in there.” She said. So Marty waited till she left for work to tackle it.

The shovel digs deeper and it strikes something hard. It’s not a rock or a box. Marty gets on his hands and knees to inspect. The dirt moves away, revealing the culprit.

Out of all the things Marty could find, he wasn’t expecting to discover a human skull in his wife’s garden.




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