Monthly Favorites – October

This is something new, thought I’d list some of my favorite items from the past month. Some of these are related to being a writer, some are not. Let me know what your favorites are!

WineThorny Rose Wine– I love this wine. Mostly because it has a twist top, and it’s inexpensive. The bottle is pretty to look at. That’s how I rate wine. 🙂


TV ShowAsh Vs. Evil Dead. This show get’s crazier each episode. Ash is full of one liners and humor to entertain me for a half hour. Not to mention the special effects makeup is amazing. I always get a good laugh. I did write an entire blog post about why I love Bruce Campbell.



BookBerkley Street by Ron Ripley. I mentioned this already but this was a fun read and scary. It was fast paced and kept me intrigued.


Makeup itemUrban Decay Naked Smokey– For the few times a week I wear makeup, I like to make it decent. I find this palette versatile and fun.


Home item– Glade vanilla candle- It’s in women’s DNA to love candles, but I’m not going to spend 20 plus on them. Target has these for 3 bucks a pop, and they make your house smell like a piece of heaven, without hurting your wallet.




3 thoughts on “Monthly Favorites – October

  1. Ditto on the candles (and not just because I’m a witch lol). It is not unlike me to wander through the candle aisle and sniff anything that looks interesting, it’s like a vacation for your nose! Like you though, I’m not spending twenty dollars…

    PS. I see you have a similar wine rating system ; )

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