My Tips for Writing More

First of all, thank you for everyone who commented on my last post, What Scares You? I received a lot of feedback and I appreciate it. You can still include your input!

I’ve had a few people ask me how I get inspired or how I write. So I’d like to share my tips to write more.

Treat it like a job.

Yes, we all hate work, but writing sometimes has to be treated like a job. There’s commitment when writing a novel or short story. I make time in the morning and evening to sit down and get to work. I’ve been trying to treat my blog the same. I make a point each day to read other posts and connect with others.

You don’t have to go all in.

Don’t we all wish we could write 2000 words a day? It can be difficult with a full-time job and other responsibilities. I make an effort to get something on paper. Even if it’s only  a page or 500 words. It’ll add up over time. If I don’t feel like writing I’ll edit part of my work.

Don’t wait for inspiration to strike, ideas are everywhere.

All it takes is a simple idea to get going. I often find it in the most unusual places. One day I checked the mail, and an idea popped into my head. Look at everything as an idea for a story. Anything and anyone can influence you.

Have fun!

This sounds cliche, but writing really is a world of its own. You live in a world of make believe all the time, embrace it! At my day job I often think about my characters or new story ideas. I’m always jotting down ideas or creating a scene in my head.

If anyone has tips, please share in the comments!


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9 thoughts on “My Tips for Writing More

  1. All good tips! For me, if I embark on a project, I find that eventually I have to set a deadline for myself, this helps immensely. Could be that I’m just a deadline kind of person though…


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  2. I write for myself. I write for a living. The pressure of writing 2000 words a day stunts progress. It would mine at least. My advice…disable the word counter. My motto has always been ‘write until it is right!’ Invariably short passages flow into longer ones and eventually 2000 words per day becomes an average daily output.

    I just started following you on Twitter. I love your posts there and your blog is terrific. Now quit reading this and go write something!

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    • Thank you Jay. The word count motto stressed me out to, but as you said, a little adds up over time. Thanks for the support!


    • I never thought of that Jay, but I’m going to try this. What I have noticed is that if I check my word count at the end of a day’s session I tend to have more complete than periodically checking and fretting about it.

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