Do you only write one genre? What’s your favorite? Mine are horror, suspense, paranormal and romance. I can’t stick to just one.

Truth is, I get bored easily. Some days I’m working on a romance, and then I want something to freak me out. It flip-flops all the time, usually everyday. If you’ve checked out the Books I’m Reading, posts, you can see that.

Many authors are known for a specific type of book they write. Stephen King writes horror and then Nicolas Sparks writes feel good, romance novels. I wonder if this will hinder me. My mind goes too many directions, and it’s hard to focus on one topic for too long. They all have my voice and style, but is that enough?

From what I’ve read, much of it has to do with marketing. I understand the end goal is to make money (for publishers). They hardly care about the creative process or hindering yours, at least that’s how I view it. Publishers stick with an author to keep readers coming back for more. 

What if a best selling thriller writer wants to write erotica, would some roll their eyes? Would they let them try it out? This is a topic I will dive into, with upcoming posts. 

Does anyone else branch out and write different work? What are your thoughts on writing different genres?



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11 thoughts on “Genres

  1. I actually wrote a post on the trouble with genre earlier this month! It’s tough, isn’t it? To classify a work, let alone strap yourself down to one genre is really tough. I’m currently working on a western-adventure novel, though it has elements from various genres. People like putting things in boxes to better understand them, and so writers like you and I who enjoy branching off and dabbling in various genres will simply have to tell the stories we want to tell.

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  2. I wtite many types of books, but I do understand your fear of not focusing on one thing. I think it’s good to dabble in different genres, but if we aim to publish, we should focus on one niche, at least at first 🙂

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  3. While niche is definitely important, I find myself writing in a blend of genres. At my core I’m a horror author, but I really enjoy satire, as well as fantasy, and I find that my stories tend to have some “cross-over potential” for different audiences. I think it all comes down to writers finding their own voice, and what genre(s) inspire them to write the stories they enjoy.

    My biggest complaint is that our culture is obsessed with categorizing things, and you end up with crazy specific markets. This was confirmed when my last book somehow ended up competing with “werebear horror erotica” in the Amazon Kindle Short Reads store.

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    • I agree there is too much categorizing. I really think readers enjoy a variety and sticking to one genre isn’t necessary. I had a good laugh at the “werebear horror erotica”didn’t know that existed. Haha


  4. I write mostly fantasy, but for NaNoWriMo, I’m doing a plain-Jane contemporary piece. If publishers have a hard time with you writing what you want, maybe you should switch publishers or agents for different genres, or just self pub and do what you like. Just a thought.

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