Why I Love Short Stories

Lately, writing short stories is my jam. I get an idea, write it down and go from there. I throw in a few twists and hope something great comes of it. Sometimes, I surprise myself. Most of the short stories I write fall into the horror category.

Here are a few reasons I love short stories.

Everyone has time to read a short story

There is no big commitment like reading a novel, they can read it while waiting for an appointment or before bedtime.

You get feedback instantly

Since it’s a short story, they’re likely to give you feedback quickly. It could be your writing style, editing help, and what they liked about it. I ask for what they liked and didn’t like.

It will improve your writing

This helps in two ways, it makes you write more and the feedback can make you change bad habits. I’ve been told a few times that it’s hard to connect with my characters and I don’t give enough detail. These criticisms help me become a better writer.

They’re so much fun to write!

I have about ten short stories right now. Once you write one, more will follow. A simple idea can make a short story and improve your creativity.

What’s your thoughts on short stories? Anyone have any favorites they want to share?







2 thoughts on “Why I Love Short Stories

  1. Not a comment on your post but have you considered bundling your stories up and publishing them. It’s what I did with some friends to dip my toe into the complex publishing world. Now I have taken the step out there on my own. Your stories are very good.

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    • Thank for you that, I really appreciate it. I have considered maybe doing a short story collection so I can learn about the process. I’ll have to look further into it. Thanks for stopping by.


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