Working With an Editor

I found an editor and it’s been a great investment. I’ve been using the services of Kristen Corrects. Her information will also be at the bottom of this post.

Kristen did a First Chapter Review for my novel Bounded, but I was blown away at the detail she included. It’s one thing to have a friend read your work, but to hire someone who provides valuable feedback is well worth it. I used Kristen because she is the only editor. I’ve seen many editing companies but you never know who the actual editor is. She offered to speak with me over the phone if had questions. That’s pretty awesome!

She gave me details on:

  • Plot
  • Character
  • Setting
  • Dialogue
  • POV
  • Conflict
  • Writing Voice
  • Pacing

This edit didn’t include copyediting, but she still went through the manuscript and highlighted mistakes and items that could be changed. A common error I make is switching between past and present tense in the same paragraph.

I’m editing and rewriting Bounded, with the information she gave me in mind. There is plenty of work cut out for me, but I feel there is a direction to go.

I’d recommend this if you’ve been querying agents and not getting a response or rejected. The first chapter will either make or break you, so I need to be sure it’s the best it can be. This information would also help if you want to improve your craft. I feel like this was worth it.

Here is Kristen’s website.




4 thoughts on “Working With an Editor

  1. That’s so exciting! I’ve been in debate about sending my next novel to an editor. I have a lot of planning and organizing to do before I can even consider sending anything out, but your post gives me hope. I always thought when I send it out I would be stuck on the back burner of the company I send it to because they have “bigger” and “better” authors to edit for. I guess it’s safe to say it won’t be an endless search when my search for an editor begins.

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    • Thanks Shelby! I was nervous to, it’s why I chose to do the First Chapter Edit first, but I am really impressed with her work. She gave me more information then I expected. It also helped improve my writing. Best of luck with your goals and thanks for stopping by!

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