Let your Characters Write the story

A book with compelling characters will force me to not put it down. It can be a story I’ve heard a thousand times, as long as the characters spike my interest, I’m hooked. Plot and setting matter but it’s the characters that bring everything alive, the rest doesn’t matter without a strong protagonist.

When writing my first book I didn’t really know my characters. It wasn’t until I wrote the second book where the stakes were raised that I felt they were growing and that I was starting to know them. Most writers will say the characters end up writing the story and I feel that’s what’s happened with mine. I find it easier to get in their mindset.

Sure, there are character charts that help with ideas, but I learn more when I write. When they’re acting in my head, that’s where they shine. It’s also how I learn their weaknesses and strengths. I like reading about someone who overcomes their boundaries and learn how they adapt.

There’s so much more I could talk about this topic with characterization and I plan to blog about those soon.

Does anyone else feel the same with their writing? Do you feel the characters write the story for you? I’d be interested to hear your opinions on this topic.

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13 thoughts on “Let your Characters Write the story

  1. I’m not sure who writes the story, me or my characters. I just know that they have to have something that connects to the reader, a sense of realness that entices into wanting to see what they will do next. As yet I have had little response to my novel Unexpected Obsession and of course I know that is normal. But, the desire to know if others can feel that to my characters overrides everything else. The rest we can fix but the connection is everything,
    Am enjoying your blog

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    • Thanks for commenting Barb. Yes having a connection is important for the readers. Sometimes it takes a while for me to find that. Thank you for commenting!


  2. I’m definitely a plotter. I make in-depth outlines before I write. But sometimes, I notice my characters going in a different direction, and in the case of this current novel, it WORKS. They’re telling the story. I love it.

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  3. This was a great topic to bring up =)

    Sometimes, I do feel like my characters are the ones writing the story. For Clash of Tides, it’s gone in a direction I never expected, and I feel like Assan and Elena lead me that way.

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  4. I agree. Character is EVERYTHING. The world around them is important, but for me, characters are more important than plotlines. I figure that if I care enough about a character, whatever he or she does will be interesting, whether that be fighting monsters or having a dinnertable conversation.
    And I absolutely understand what you mean about not “knowing” your characters right off the bat. Sometimes it takes a while for their roles to click, but once they find a way into the mix, the result is golden!
    Great post!


  5. I’m with you on this one Joanna. I have many twists and turns in my plot and yet I have don’t really create any plot outlines. I only make note of the different threads of sub-plots going on to make sure I tie them all up. The plot is intricately connected to the characters, believe it or not because it is how they make their choices that creates and develops the plot. I am definitely a fly-by-the-seat author.

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    • I enjoy writing like this as well, it seems like my characters create their own sub-plots and make it more interesting. Thanks for stopping by.

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