Writing What You Feel

A month ago, I started a new book, it’s about a woman getting over a terrible ordeal. It started off with a bang, the words were flowing, my word count was insane. Then it stopped. My ideas slowed down and soon I was staring at a blank screen. It’s a story that isn’t a very happy one, and it began to affect my mood.

I’ve discovered when it comes to working on certain projects, I have to feel it. Writing a happy books makes me elated, writing a deeper book can bring me down. I can’t write a book for the sake of writing it, I need to feel what the characters feel. I’m sure other writers feel the same.

So in the case of the deeper book, I work on it sparingly. When an idea strikes I’ll add it, or if I had a bad day that moodiness can help bring it to life. It sounds strange but it works.

I wonder how paid writers feel when they’re forced to write a book with a deadline. Does it make their craft suffer? Do they become a jerk to everyone around them?

In my personal experience, some of my best ideas stem from what I felt that day. Let me know if you feel the same.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


This is a photo from a hike I did last year. Mt. Washington




4 thoughts on “Writing What You Feel

  1. Agreed. I started writing when I had to give up nursing (for health reasons) A lot of my short stories started off as one thing, but then ended up being about loss. This is no longer the case, I have ‘moved on’. I don’t intentionally start writing based on how I’m feeling, or do I? Your post is very interesting.

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  2. I wish I could only focus on a story/book when I’m feeling a certain emotion. I do get very into my characters and start feeling their emotions but because it’s been a while since my last book I have to keep writing so I can put out my next one.

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