When a Short Story Becomes a Novel

By the title of this post, bet you can guess what it’s about. That’s right, one of my short stories is now going to be a novel. One of my short stories called It Watches got me thinking, what would happen if this went on? It’s all because one of my co-workers said he liked my short stories, but wanted to know more. He’s not a fan of cliff hangers.

I get that. There are certain cliff hangers that I hate.

The idea to adding more has been stewing for some time. I’ve jotted down a few ideas and figured there was enough to start a draft. So last week I started making it a novel and already have 7000 words to it, that’s much longer than the original story which was 50 words. So far it’s a fun write, let’s hope I can keep the ideas going.

I’ve mentioned that I enjoy writing short stories because they take less time and can improve your writing. I’m also going to use them as a gateway to more ideas.

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Thanks to everyone for the support. I do appreciate the comments and feedback.






17 thoughts on “When a Short Story Becomes a Novel

  1. Good luck! And you’re absolutely right, the key to a good novel is being able to craft a good short story first. I actually think short stories are harder to write to be honest but they’re fundamental 🙂

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  2. I am enjoying your blog and your ability to say a lot and keep it short. I struggle with this. Looking forward to seeing where you go with your ideas.

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