I’m a Nobody in the Writing World

Well, maybe I’m not a nobody, sometimes it feels that way. I don’t have one single work published as of now. So how do I keep my spirits high when trying to achieve a goal? Am I really a writer? Hell yes I am.

Here is what has helped me change that mindset.

I write everyday

Simple right? Not really. It takes time to sit down, open the computer and write a short story or novel. It takes more dedication than I ever thought.

I don’t just write, I read a lot

As Stephen King said, “If you want to be a writer you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.”

I read while waiting to clock in at work or before bedtime. I read when a writing break is needed. It really does improve your vocabulary.

I treat it like a job

I carve out time everyday to get words on paper. It may seem silly, but it helps. Do I need to work on my novel before work? Or will I do it when I get home?

I’ve learned not to compare myself to others

Being a writer is tough. It’s faced with rejection and the fear of never being good enough. Being intimidated and jealousy won’t get you anywhere. Trust me, I know.

I hope this post helps anyone else out there dealing with rejection or not having good luck with writing. You’re not alone and everyone starts somewhere. I have bad writing days every week, but I’m learning to deal and grow from it. If you stop or give up, that’s the quickest way not to be a writer. Keep your head up and write on.





15 thoughts on “I’m a Nobody in the Writing World

  1. Get that ‘Nobody’ thought out of your head. 🙂 Write, write, and write more. Allow the mind to wander and collect stories from the world and life around you. Once you have started this storytelling, you have to move ahead, this journey of writing is about patience. Be blessed my friend. 🙂

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  2. I can relate especially since I just self-published a novel and despite how careful I was there were still some formatting and little grammar errors (or silly ones). I felt like I was nobody trying to be a writer. The thing is though I have learned from my experience and I think someone who learns can’t be a nobody. Already when I look at my work I can see where it needs tightening, and I can see how the second half is better than the first already. I know this from feedback I have had from people (not in reviews, that is hard to do) but from rereading, discussion and like you I am always reading. Before I go to print (also self-publish) and once I have some more feedback I will re-visit. Amitav is right, we have to write, write and write.
    It is such a rocky road that we have chosen to travel but it is so nice to read something written by someone who gets that and stays positive. I like your honesty even to admitting negative thoughts. We have them but we can use them to grow and improve. Loving your blog.

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    • Thank you Barb. I commend you for getting your work out there, self publishing isn’t easy and takes a lot of work. It’s exciting to see our writing grow and improve with time. I agree with you, if you’re learning it’s not a waste of time. Thank you for the support.


    • This is absolutely true. There is a very real “valley of disillusionment” that I went into after publishing my first book, and working on the sequel has been much harder. Looking at your entire journey and body of work as a learning experience re-frames it. Every book, article, and short story you create helps you to learn and grow, and a wider body of work will eventually catch the eyes of interested readers. It’s important to recognize the negative feelings we all struggle with, since they are real, but have a positive way to re-direct that energy into something creative. Great discussion!

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      • I agree Ben, everything is a learning experience and we can only grow from it. Can’t wait to hear about your sequel!


  3. As part of my day job, I interview a lot of people about the road to their careers. One of my favorite moments was talking to a National Geographic Photojournalist who was talking about starting out and she remembers writing to established people in the business looking for advice. She joked she would write, “Hi, I am no one. But I want to be someone like you.” I loved that.

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