I Was So Close

Rejections. It happens trying to get published, that first publishing moment takes a while to get. Especially when I felt so close.

I submitted a short horror story a few months ago. The good news is I heard back and the editor said he liked my story. I was stoked! What? Someone liked my story and said it didn’t suck? Did they send it to the right person? There’s my name and my story title. They did! They really liked it!

It wasn’t a rejection. Holy crap! I better bust out the beer and drink to that already!

Fast forward to today, I’d been hoping for that email stating they’d take my story. Unfortunately, it got declined. Not gonna lie, it bummed me out. I felt so close to getting somewhere. So now it’s back to square one; keep writing and improving.

I debated whether I should make this post or not. This blog is about my writing journey and rejection is part of it. Sometimes a lot of it. So I’m going to share the lows and maybe someday I can write about the highs.

Now I’m going to get back to writing.


25 thoughts on “I Was So Close

  1. I’m so glad you’ve wrote about this, rejection does suck but you’re doing so well, don’t stop trying, people obviously love your writing, you just have to find the right time and people to share it with. Everything happens for a reason I believe and I believe this has happened so you can get somewhere better for you. Well done for doing what you’re doing, stick at it lovely! – Sarah xoxo

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  2. I’m so bummed for you but you’re right, rejection is absolutely part of the process. And the fact that you had someone respond is a very good start indeed! Every no is one no closer to a yes! Yep, recycling the same dad advice I used in my own blog today here, but it is such good advice!

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  3. I recently wrote a book containing 50 real-life stories of men and women who persevered until their purposes were accomplished (on my site). And, I would also like to say- If I were you I would celebrate a little bit, only because there are many great writers and talented artists who never get noticed by anyone, though they still continue writing because it is what they love to do.

    Therefore, i would like to formally congratulate you and wish you great progress and success for the future. Kudos! 😉

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    • Precisely, Joe. I always liked Jodie Foster’s quote, “if I fail, at least it will be in my own way.” Be true to yourself Joanna. If you’re true to yourself you’re bound to attract the right sort of readers, the right sort of publisher. I’m too much of a control freak to go the traditional publishing route. Lol

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  4. I remember the first time I was rejected off a partial…I was so excited and then so, so crushed. I cried. It wasn’t a proud moment. And while I still remember that feeling too acutely, all the rejection made me a lot stronger and a lot better. It never doesn’t suck, though. *gives all the cookies*

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  5. The very fact that you received positive feedback about your work is fantastic. I’ve gotten plenty of “form letter” rejections. Keep at it. In fact, you may want to consider sending out that same story to other publications if you haven’t already. If an editor likes the work, but it’s just not right for their publication at that time, another may pick it up!

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    • Thanks Ben, I think I will. It’s the first time I’ve ever gotten any positive feedback on anything. I may do a edit and send it to another.


  6. Hell Yah !! Nice, Joanna, way to go !! And Horror, too, that’s especially impressive to me because I think it’s pretty hard to make a horror story seem completely NOT cheesy. Would love to read it. I’m finally self-publishing my debut sci-fi/horror novel now and it should be available soon for enjoyment and review. Happy trails! 😎-MIKE EYE

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    • Thanks Mike. Can’t wait to check out your novel. I’ll either post or put my short stories into a book eventually. Want to find tune them first. 🙂

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