My Dream Writing Space

My writing space isn’t much. The chair is uncomfortable to sit in after a while. My shoulders cramp up and I usually have to yell at the cat for jumping on the counter. There’s distractions, but I’ve accomplished a lot from sitting in that chair. I’ve written a few books, novellas and several short stories in that spot.

I hope to move houses in a few years, and it will be interesting to see what my new writing space is like. It’d be nice to have my own office, but won’t push my luck. I’m a person who tries to live within my means and don’t like buying a lot of stuff.

My writing spot may not be much now, but a lot has happened. I’ve bleed on that keyboard and written stories that bring me joy, and sometimes scare the crap out of me.

For know I’ll plug away while sitting at that counter. Maybe it’ll change, maybe it won’t but I can still think about that dream writing space.

If only I could have a small cabin in the middle of the woods. My writing space would have an awesome view and I’d have a comfy chair to recline in. This is where I’d drink coffee and write all day before retreating to bed. Ha-ha, I can dream right?

What’s your dream writing space?


It’s not much, but gets the job done.



14 thoughts on “My Dream Writing Space

  1. When the mood takes me, I write anywhere. I particularly like small cafés and bars where I can settle in and ‘mood write’. Otherwise: I have a room in the house by the window with the computer … and the cat …

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  2. The cat … sits on the keyboard and swishes her tail … how can my writing ever fail? The cat … sits on the keyboard where it’s nice and warm. How can anyone wish her harm. The cat .. sometimes struggles to understand: a mouse on the table, a bird in the hand …

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  3. I carved out my dream writing space and now I spend most of my time writing on a crowded kitchen table in the most uncomfortable chair in the house. LOL I’ve learned I can write anywhere, including a busy airport. I guess you could say a writer’s dream writing space is their own mind.

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  4. Blue of the ocean in the background, white gold sand contrasting gently with the flow of water and perhaps a dolphin or two…real life is anywhere I can find a spot for the computer but I like my dream so much better.

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  5. I just want a good desk in a modest office with enough room for a loveseat or chair with a good lamp and a bookshelf. Luckily, this can happen in almost any house. Unfortunately, I need the fund to afford it. Blarg.

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