Writing Update

This has been a good week as far as writing goes. I’ve been getting back in the grove and enjoying the process. Here is what I’ve been working on.

  1. My horror, short story collection. I’ve been self editing, rewriting and adding more content. It will be a short read with a few of my favorite pieces. This will likely be my first self published work.
  2. Reaching out to freelance editors to help with my short story  project. So far, it’s been difficult to find editors who will work on shorter works but I’m hopeful someone will assist.
  3. It Watches. This is a novella I’ve been working on some time. A previous post I discussed this, When a Short Story Becomes a Novel, it’s based off a flash fiction piece I wrote. This week I just figured out the ending, which helps me write the story faster.
  4. Having fun!


Let me know how your writing is going. I love hearing about everyone else’s journeys.



6 thoughts on “Writing Update

  1. Oh, you know, deciding which of my four stories to actually work on while trying to get people to care enough to read them and help me publish an actual novel. The writing part is fun, though.

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  2. For short stories and flash fiction, I almost exclusively reach out to other authors I know, and beta readers that I trust. There are also some great free sites like Critique Circle that specialize on giving feedback for shorts and novel chapters. I actually have a short horror story in the queue there right now.

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    • That’s awesome thanks for sharing that. I’ll be checking that out. I’d love to check out your short horror story.


  3. Writing needs patience. I am hard editing my novel so I can go to print and to re-upload. I didn’t have enough beta-readers so did a lot myself. You really need outside input. It’s better now thank goodness.
    Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to reading your stories. Are you still working on your novel? .

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    • Hey Barb. I am still working on my novel but am focusing more on short stories and novellas right now. Just trying to have fun and improve as a writer!


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