Reading Bad Reviews

This post doesn’t relate to bad reviews based off anything I’ve written, I don’t have anything published yet. This is about reviews from other readers that I’ve found on Goodreads or Amazon.

Sometimes if there is a book I’m interested in, I’ll look at the overall rating but typically don’t read reviews. I’d rather see something for myself and make my own judgement. I also don’t want spoilers. I’ve read several books that had a poor rating but I enjoyed it.

Most people talk about what they hate and sometimes dwell on that only. We often forget to write about something because we enjoyed it. I’ve read book reviews because the reader didn’t agree with who the main character chose for a love interest in the end. Another reader left a poor review because they didn’t agree with actions a character did because it wasn’t realistic. It’s fiction! It’s not supposed to be realistic! That’s a joy of being a writer, it’s your ball court and anything can happen.

I rate a book on the overall story, even if I don’t like the ending. Here are a few items I consider.

  • Did the book entertain me?
  • Could I not put the book down?
  • Did I enjoy the characters?
  • Did the story compel me?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments and your experiences.



6 thoughts on “Reading Bad Reviews

  1. Hello Joanna,

    great article. They were never clear to me the people who write bad reviews.They spend their time for bad reviews. They are not enlightened at all 🙂

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  2. I agree but I have to say that some books are really good so if we give indiscriminate rating we are not fair to the authors who have gone the extra mile. I rate by enjoyment and connection and I try to say something good wherever I can. I save my 5 stars though for those that blow me away. Now get to work girl because you are going to be one of them.

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    • I can only dream of getting a five star rating some day. I agree some authors go the extra mile with their books and deserve a 5


    • Yes I feel some reviewers are harsh and don’t understand what all goes into writing a book. One of the hardest things in my opinion!

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