Story Ideas

I may not get to write everyday, but I’m always thinking of new ideas. Currently, there’s a list on my phone of just story concepts, some of them I implement and some never see the light of day.

I try to look at everything as a possible idea. Some people I come across inspire a new character trait and life events can make a great chapter. I’m always open to possibilities.

When I’m experiencing writers block, I take it one idea at a time. This has helped me get out of a rut and write something rather than leave an empty page.

I’m trying to  keep this in mind as I get through a dry spell right now. How is everyone else’s WIP going?


5 thoughts on “Story Ideas

    • I’m having a hard time getting to the writing. It’s easy to get distracted or I’ll write something and hate it later on.


  1. Dry spell. It’s the change of seasons for me. Writing horror, I’m most energized from late summer into the Halloween season. Then the shorter days and cold weather sap me of energy. I’m still always tossing ideas around in my notebooks, but my word count tends to be reduced.

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    • I need to get back into writing some horror. It’s fun to mix things up. I agree let summer is a fun time to start writing that genre up to Halloween.


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