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Books I’m Reading #4

It’s been a few months since I’ve done one of these, so here it goes! They are different genres because I don’t like sticking to just one. These are all books I recommend and enjoyed.

Harry Potter I know, I haven’t read the Harry Potter series. I never got into it but have recently read the third book. After reading each book I watch the movie. I’m way behind the times.

Sinister Entity by Hunter Shea– One of my favorite authors! I always enjoy his work and can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

Goliath: A Kaiju Thriller by Russ Watts- I love a good monster story. This one didn’t disappoint.

The Wheel Mages by Aimee Davis– I follow Aimee’s blog, this was her debut novel and she is a very gifted writer. If you enjoy fantasy you should check out her book.

Let me know what books your reading and recommend!

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On Writing Horror from HWA

My writing craft needs a lot of work and there is a new book I can’t wait to dive into. I recently ordered On Writing Horror: A Handbook by The Horror Writers Association.

I am not a member of the HWA but hope to be one day. You don’t need to be a member to pick this book up. I ordered a used copy on Amazon for under five bucks and that included shipping.

I have skimmed the topics but so far they range from Developing Horror Concepts, Crafting your Novel and even Marketing. I will probably read a couple of sections each day and hope to gain something new from it.

Has anyone else read this book? What other writing books do you recommend?


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Book I Love: Loch Ness Revenge by Hunter Shea

I love a good monster story and the new novella by Hunter Shea, Loch Ness Revenge had me hooked from the beginning.

I don’t want to give away spoilers, but the main character Natalie McQueen had me rooting for her the entire time. She’s witty and quick on her feet. I also thought her inner monologue was quite funny.

If you’re in search for a fun, monster read I’d check this one out. I’m a big fan of Shea’s work.


I will be doing more book reviews and the genres will vary. Let me know what books you’re reading and recommend!

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Books I’m Reading #3

Another post about books I’m reading! Again, I only show books that I enjoyed and recommend.It ranges from mystery, horror and romance. I usually swap back and forth.

The Witches Grave, by Phillip DePoy caught my eye, another blogger reviewed and recommended it. I’ve never read anything from the author. I’m about half way through this, and it’s getting interesting.

Dark Master is a short story about aliens, I follow the author, Hunter Shea. I haven’t ready many alien stories, so this was an interesting and fun read.

The Lie, by Karina Halle, one of my favorite authors. I’m still catching up on all of her books.

Burn, by Maya Banks. I’d read the other two, so had to finish the last one of the trilogy.

Berkley Street, by Ron Ripley was a very fun read. Scary and fast paced, I will be checking out more of his work.

If you want to find these books in one place, they are added in on my Amazon. link.

Let me know what books you’re reading! Thanks again for stopping by.



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Books I’m Reading

Last month, I posted books I’ve been reading and wanted to share more. The books  are varied from young adult, paranormal, romance and horror. I’m normally not into young adult but am branching out.

I like new adult because that’s the age I fall into and relate with. The characters I typically write about are in this age group. Also, my teenage years weren’t my best, so I don’t like to reminisce.

I’m sticking to one book a week which works well with my schedule. Below are some of the books and I’ve enjoyed all of them. Anything I post here will be books I liked, even if I despise a book, I don’t like talking smack about someone else’s work.

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Books I’m Reading

Read! Read all the books! Okay, I haven’t been reading all the books but I have been going through at last one a week. It’s one of my goals and so far I’ve been keeping up with it.

Here’s just a few from this month.

My favorite ones so far are, The Bones Will Speak and Dark House, which was a reread because I love the series so much. Karina Halle is one of my favorite authors and I want to catch up on her work.

If anyone has some good recommendations let me know in the comments!

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Book Review: The Art of War for Writers by James Scott Bell

Writing is war. You start out ready to battle the pages but then end up defeated when it comes up blank. A book I’ve always enjoyed is The Art of War for Writers written by James Scott Bell. Bell has written several other books on fiction writing and I find his approach easy to understand. This small, yet handy book covers many subjects in the writing process.

            There are several topics in the book from establishing a quota, character development, dialogue, point of view, finding an agent and making goals. It’s divided into three parts the first is called Reconnaissance which involves the mental part of writing, this is my favorite section. Writing is a very mental process and sometimes can leave you feeling drained. There are times I feel my work is going nowhere but after reading the section Know the Difference Between a Hero and a Fool, I feel better. It’s a reminder I’d rather write the best possible story rather than rush into publication with something that isn’t my best work.

The second section is Tactics; this touches base on the craft of writing. My favorite parts in the section are Bell’s tips on how important dialogue is and sometimes just writing dialogue will create a scene for you. It’s a great way to get words on paper.

The final section is Strategy that discusses goals, finding an agent and writing a proposal. It gives tips on what not to do when dealing with agents and how to interact at writing conferences.

            This book would be a great addition or as a gift to a fellow writer. I always refer to it again for inspiration and get something from it each time. It’s a fun read because each section is short, just a few sections a day gets me in the zone before I dig into writing.

            Has anyone else read any good books on writing? I’d love to hear any recommendations because I’m always looking for a new one to check out.