My First Cover Reveal!

The title of this post is correct! I am revealing the cover for my debut novel, Never Settle. This is a contemporary romance set in New Orleans.  Sarah Hansen with Okay Creations accomplished the look I wanted and I couldn’t be happier.

I will release a blurb, sneak peeks and the release date soon.

Let me know what you think!




Ready for Fall

Everywhere I look on social media are postings about fall. I’m sure ready for it. Plus right now we really need the rain in Washington. I’ve never been a fan of the heat and prefer the dreary days. Proof I’m a Washingtonian.

There is a lot I’d like to achieve in the next few months. I’m working on a novella that I plan to submit to a few publishers. It’s different and sort of out of my comfort zone, but I’m trying to expand as a writer. I wrote a different novel where I completed a rough draft but want to give it time to cool off.

I hope to get my manuscript back from my editor and see what the next step is. I’m guessing more rewrites and self editing. It’s a long process and harder than I thought.

Writing is my outlet for stress right now, every time I read the news there is something terrible going on. I can’t control the world, but I can control my stories. I’m just going to keep on writing.

On a side note, I really hope to get out of the house this weekend. I’m thinking a hike sounds refreshing right now.


What Scares You?

Happy Halloween! I want to know, what scares you? We all have different interpretations of what is scary. I’m terrified of spiders, I jump and scream, then run to my boyfriend to get rid of it. He makes fun of me for this, however he’s terrified of snakes. Just watching one on TV gives him the creeps.


I’ve listed a few things that can be determined scary. Let me know in the comments! Your feedback will also help me with an upcoming project. This is just a handful of ideas, feel free to add anything else. Everyone have a safe Halloween!

  1. The dark
  2. Spiders
  3. Snakes
  4. Monsters
  5. “Jump” scares from horror movies
  6. Something in your closet
  7. Zombies
  8. A creepy basement/attic
  9. Ghosts
  10. Swimming in open water
  11. Being lost in the woods at night
  12. Someone knocking on your door
  13. Airplanes
  14. A serial killer villan- Freddie, Jason, Chucky, Michael Myers
  15. A certain place or house you’ve visted? Tell me below

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Books I’m Reading #3

Another post about books I’m reading! Again, I only show books that I enjoyed and recommend.It ranges from mystery, horror and romance. I usually swap back and forth.

The Witches Grave, by Phillip DePoy caught my eye, another blogger reviewed and recommended it. I’ve never read anything from the author. I’m about half way through this, and it’s getting interesting.

Dark Master is a short story about aliens, I follow the author, Hunter Shea. I haven’t ready many alien stories, so this was an interesting and fun read.

The Lie, by Karina Halle, one of my favorite authors. I’m still catching up on all of her books.

Burn, by Maya Banks. I’d read the other two, so had to finish the last one of the trilogy.

Berkley Street, by Ron Ripley was a very fun read. Scary and fast paced, I will be checking out more of his work.

If you want to find these books in one place, they are added in on my Amazon. link.

Let me know what books you’re reading! Thanks again for stopping by.



Storms and Whiskey Part 2

This is a continuation from yesterdays post, and I happen to like the title, Storms and Whiskey. I got quite a bit done yesterday, so thought to share my progress.

  • Wrote a new short story- Horror, of course
  • Finished Season 2 of The Ranch, on Netflix. Speaking of whiskey, wouldn’t mind drinking with Sam Elliott. That guy cracks me up.
  • Hit the quota for my romance novel. It takes place in New Orleans
  • Started a new novel. It’s just braking the surface, putting together ideas right now
  • Reading a few books
  • Finally, I drank a few glasses of whiskey

It’s my day off, so I’m enjoying the rainy weather, being a hermit and getting some writing done. Hope everyone else is having a good week. It’s Friday!

How is everyone else’s writing going?


It Watches (100 word story)

It’s at the foot of the bed watching, it always watches. Her body freezes, should she stay still and hope it goes away? Should she run? It’ll catch her if it wants. It’s too fast because it’s not part of this world.

It’s been watching her entire life, it gets a littler closer each day.

Every time she gets goose bumps and her mouth taste like pennies. Chills run up her spine and sweat pools behind her neck. Why won’t it go away? What does it want? Is it a nightmare?

It’s not a nightmare, it never is.

It’s real.

It wants her soul.

It takes it.


Scary Movies

Do you like scary movies? I sure do, always have since I was a kid and my mom didn’t catch me watching  them. My older brother would rent them and I’d sneak in the living room to watch. I like all genres of movies  but love horror in general. I’ll pretty much watch any scary movie even if it’s cheesy.

Everyone has different tastes in this genre and that’s okay. Horror depends on the person experiencing it. What is scary to someone may not be scary to you. Clowns are terrifying to some but they’ve never bothered me.

I’ve always been a huge fan of horror and since it’s October I’m going to share some of my favorite scary movies. Some of these are old classics and some are new favorites.

Here are some of mine

  • The Conjuring- Ed and Lorraine Warren
  • Child’s Play- This movie scared the crap out of me as a kid. Dolls will forever be creepy.
  • Evil Dead/Army of Darkness- Bruce Campbell!
  • The Thing (1982)- Pretty good gore and Kurt Russell
  • Dawn of the Dead- I think the remake is the best one so far
  • Annabelle- Creepy dolls again
  • Paranormal Activity- It’s what you can’t see that’s terrifying
  • Friday the 13th- I watched way too many in my teens
  • Nightmare on Elm Street- My brother used to scare me with the bladed hand.
  • Ghost Encounters- This is a B movie, but I thought it was scary for a low budget.

After I post this, I’ll think of several more but these are ones that stand out.

What are you favorite scary movies? Let me know!