Story Ideas

I may not get to write everyday, but I’m always thinking of new ideas. Currently, there’s a list on my phone of just story concepts, some of them I implement and some never see the light of day.

I try to look at everything as a possible idea. Some people I come across inspire a new character trait and life events can make a great chapter. I’m always open to possibilities.

When I’m experiencing writers block, I take it one idea at a time. This has helped me get out of a rut and write something rather than leave an empty page.

I’m trying to¬† keep this in mind as I get through a dry spell right now. How is everyone else’s WIP going?


Writing Diary – July

For the first time in months, it’s been good in my writing life. I also finished a rough draft for a book that takes place in New Orleans. I started it before my trip there, but purposely held off because I knew I’d have more material when I got home. Researching a place and seeing it are two different things. I was able to add small details in the book I wouldn’t have known unless I visited. Especially when it comes to the food. ūüôā

It’s a romance novel, which is something new to me. I don’t want to be stuck with one genre because I enjoy them all. There’s several new books I’m reading and may do another Books I’m Reading post soon.

I’m staying positive and know the process doesn’t happen overnight. I can only focus on my journey and improve my craft.

Hope everyone else is having a good month! Let me know what projects you’re working on.¬†writer

Beware the Slenderman: Documentary Discussion

Do you believe in the Slenderman? Well, two teenage girls in Wisconsin do, so much that they attempted to murder their best friend. I watched the documentary, Beware the Slenderman, on HBO. I like watching true crime films, but find it rare to find one integrating the supernatural.

It’s not so crazy to hear about¬†youngsters¬†believing in something that isn’t real. As a kid, I believed in monsters in my closet and Freddy Krueger. Maybe I still do sometimes since I have a knack for the horror genre.

One thing I will say watching the interviews with the two girls, they really do believe in Slenderman. They believe they had to do the crime because their lives and families were in danger. If you watch the documentary, it’s chilling to see their responses and answers to the detectives questions. They discuss it openly and in a nonchalant way.

Overall, I give the documentary 3.5 stars out of 5.

Let me know if you’ve watched the film and your thoughts.


Movie Poster by HBO

Trying Something New

I write everyday, but I never write about my personal thoughts on paper. Just this week, I purchased a journal to handwrite in. I thought this would be a good idea to write down anything worrying me or reflect on what I want to change. If I can keep up with it, I hope to read back in a year and see what parts of my life have changed.

Already I’ve discovered writing on paper takes more effort than typing. Duh! I know, but when you type everything out, handwriting seems like a chore. Here are a few things I’ve discovered.

I choose words carefully.

I can type quickly, but writing by hand takes more time. Each sentence takes extra thought and care.

I think more about what I’m writing.

When writing by hand, I feel more in tune with my thoughts because they are slowed down.

My handwriting is atrocious. 

Even if someone wanted to read my journal. Good luck, because my handwriting has always been terrible. Sometimes I can’t even read it.

Does anyone else keep a journal?


Holiday Gift Guide for Writers

The holidays are here! Everyone is shopping like crazy buying gifts. I came up with a gift guide¬†for writers, hope you enjoy and get some ideas. Tell me what’s on your wish list.¬†Happy Holidays!

Coffee gift set– You can also do tea or hot cocoa. These are inexpensive and you can pick these up at target. I also found one on Amazon.

Massage gift certificate– Writers sit and crouch all the time. How about a nice massage to loosen up the shoulders and back? I know this is what I’d want.

Writer Mug– Cliche I know, but this one is currently on my Wish List. I think it’s funny.

Yoga or sweat pants– Who the hell types in jeans? Comfort all the way.

Some other websites with cool gifts. РFor all those men in your life. They have good ideas. РThis is also a place to get ideas.– The link attached is Gifts for Writers

Hope this gives you ideas, let me know what’s on your holiday wish list.